Team Style

This is a young and energetic team.

This is team full of intelligence and creativity.

This is an enterprising, hardworking and devoted team.

It is full of youth, dream, values and realization.

Union, mutual help, care and harmony,

As well as equality, competition, hard work and surmounting.

We are diligent and intelligent.

We have made a lot of efforts for the company’s development on different posts.

Because of I, Bioking is more glamorous.

Production Team

Sales Team

R&D Team

Finance Team

Logistics Team

Youth Generation

Union activity in Xiangshan, Ningbo

Travel to Huang Mountain

Sales Manager

Brand Director

Director of R&D Center

Section Chief of Packing

Section Chief of Supply

Section Chief of Storage

Section Chief of Quality Control

Supervisor of QA Quality


Salary And Welfare

There are around 260 employees in Bioking,over 70% graduate from junior colleges. Adhering to the notion of “fairness, care, encouragement”, we provide reasonable welfare and treatment for employees, and set up the atmosphere of orderly competition, fair treatment and harmonious union.

  • Holiday subsidies
  • Working meal
  • High-temperature subsidies
  • Five insurances and one pension
  • Chances of training
  • Labor protective items
  • Physical examination
  • Care for family members
  • Drinks in summer
  • Major festival fee
  • Specific technological innovation prize
  • Environmental-saving bonus
  • Employees’ traveling
  • Medical subsidies
  • Birth subsidies
  • Subsidies for troubles



Bioking regards “talents” as the first productivity. We are looking forward to well-behaved, soundly moral, intelligent, responsible and credible friends to join our big family. Tel. of employment: +86-571-57891817
PositionNumbersLocationMonthly payDetails

Quality Assurance (QA)1Hangzhoumore than 4250 RMB/monthCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Undergraduate majoring in Bioengineering, Food Science, Chemical Engineering and so on;

2. Undergraduate majoring in Bioengineering, Food Science, Chemical Engineering  and so on;

3. Mainly take charge of assisting the implementation of QA system, carrying out pest control, handling customers’ complaints, taking internal correction and prevention actions, and conducting standardization, be responsible for detecting the company’s raw materials and products as well as managing suppliers, etc.

Electrical Instrument Engineer1HangzhouInterviewCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. 35-50 years old, junior college degree and higher, majoring in Electricity Automation or Mechanical and Electronic Integration and other relevant ones;

2. Be familiar with strong current, PLC (Siemens-300) and DCS system; possess abundant experience in electrical equipment management, meter and equipment management; possess more than 5years’ working experience;

3. Be good at CAD graphics; hold electrician license or network access license;

4. Be responsible for the management and repair of electrical instrument; have rich experience in and ability of handling abnormal conditions; be familiar with electricity and various kinds of instrument and meters (e.g.: flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.); be ale to judge the reasons for common failure; ensure the safety, stability, accurate operation of electric equipment and realization of production demands.

5. Be responsible for the installation of new electrical instrument and management of accessory parts, including the selection of electric instrument, renovation and installation, debugging and coordination, etc.;

6. Be responsible for the production of new products, renovation of old products, preparation of needed electrical instrument, assembly line and renovation of other processing techniques, planning management, etc.

Electrical Instrument Technician2HangzhouInterviewCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1.25-35 years old, secondary college or junior college degree, majoring in Electricity Engineering and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Integration and other relevant ones;

2.Be familiar with strong current, automated control system (PLC, DCS); be able to judge and exclude the abnormality and failure of common instrument (e.g.: flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.), and ensure the safety, stability and accurate operation of automation equipment;

3.Possess over 3 years’ relevant working experience;

4.Hold electrician license or network access license;

General Manager’s Secretary1HangzhouInterviewCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Female, 25-35 years old, junior college degree or higher; majoring in Secretary, Food Science, Chemistry and other relevant ones;

2. English level reaches CET-4 and higher; be good at oral English; be familiar with office automation; possess over 2 years’ relevant working experience;

3. Have a good image; be calm and careful in handling affairs; have sound ability of comprehension and flexibility; be good at dealing with interpersonal relationship;

4. Be mainly in charge of receiving General Manger’s clients, assisting General Manger with daily administrative affairs management, etc.

5. Those who have married and given birth to baby are employed with priority. 

Domestic Sales Rep.UnlimitedHangzhouSalary plus bonusCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, 25-40 years old, above junior college degree; majoring in Biological Engineering, Food Science, Chemistry and relevant ones; possess over 3 years’ relevant working experience;

2. Possess sound communication ability, anti-pressure ability and sales skills;

3. Be responsible for seeking clients or promoting products to known clients; be able to adapt to going out on businesses and visiting factories;

4. Be responsible for information promotion on line and sales, etc.

OperatorUnlimitedHangzhou4250 RMB/monthCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, 25-45 years old, junior or senior high school graduates; be physically healthy;

2. Be willing to accept new things, active, able to undertake hard work and adapt to working shifts; those with experience in food and chemistry are employed with priority. 

Inventory KeeperUnlimitedHangzhou4250 RMB/ monthCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, senior higher school graduates and higher; be familiar with computer operation; possess experience in inventory keeping;

2. Those that are able to drive forklift trucks are employed with priority.